Project GREEN to stimulate employment

A $399,000 grant has been given to Marin Employment Connection to train and certify employees in the green economy. The program is designed to give 100 unemployed or underemployed workers with vocational training. Green Regional Education Employment Northbay, known as Project GREEN is based on the retraining program from 2009 started by the California Clean Energy Workforce. It continues to provide training in the green field to construction workers. Project GREEN will hopefully help employment in several sectors, including green construction, water and waste services, renewable energy, and green transportation.  The program will recruit and train individuals, and hopefully be able to provide them with employment opportunities, based on their interest and backgrounds. In addition to teaching the unemployed about green technologies, the program will review other job skills, such as basic math, how to search for and apply to jobs, and interview skills. The funding for the training program comes from the government, but is matched dollar for dollar with funding from green corporations.

Employment Applicants Beware

Los Angeles police are calling for the assistance of anyone who knows anything regarding an online scam that has been used to steal multiple identities already, and threatens to steal many more. The suspects are accused of sending out false applications to job seekers on the behalf of a suspected the company. A small fee is asked for a background check, as well as driver’s license and social security numbers.  Legitimate businesses remind applicants that it is against policy to demand money for processing applications, as well asking for social security numbers online. Police believe that people are allowing themselves to be scammed simply because of the state of our economic times. With employment down, people are desperate to find jobs; these suspects are feeding off that need. Anyone with additional information is urged to call the Los Angeles Authorities.

Employment rates rising in Washington

Olympia, Washington – The unemployment rate in the United States, is one of major issues affecting Americans on a variety of economic  categories, as some states have slowly decreased the number in the past few years, Washington is actually trending upward once again. Experts say that the rate should climb towards an alarming 10 percent, a high that was reached last July. Authorities suspect that approximately72, 000 jobs will need to be added over the next year to increase the employment rate by even single percent. It is unknown how the state will rebound, or at the least try at halt the increasing rate.  It is interesting how the employment state will be affected by the US House 200 job bills that currently await actions and decisions made by the senate. Irony, there is a clear division in congress right now, as some believe it is not for government to create jobs, but allow business owners to operate more freely, so that employment is created more naturally.

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