Pregnancy bias great debate part 3

Many workers that work on an hourly wage have no benefits, no sick days, and very little time off. Bosses often take little to no consideration of even the simplest at work aids that may increase pregnant worker comfort ability, such as being able to sit down or carry a water bottle. The simple truth is that pregnant employment is seen as an inconvenience at best, unfortunately seeing as this is nothing short of discrimination. Judging pregnant employment harshly is illegal, a practice that can lead to major finds and millions of dollars in lawsuits. Sensitivity training and an overhaul of human resource practices are the only sure fire ways to create a benchmark that employers and employees can adhere to. The facts are that child birth is a human right, and denying someone employment based on a human right is a clear violation of the EEOC guidelines that have been taught to nearly every business in the US.

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