Gains in Youth Employment

Young workers in the U.S. have enjoyed the sharpest rise in their employment opportunities in the last three months since the recession began, with approximately 650,000 jobs being added.  This is especially good news for that “lost generation” as they were one of the groups hardest hit by the recession. They can now claim that they account for almost two-thirds of employment increases since August, while the remaining third consisted of older workers. Those in the middle age groups actually saw a decrease of 212,000 jobs in the same period. Economists and labor experts warn that the young should not get too comfortable, as in the event of another economic downturn, the young are usually the first to be fired.  Also, the raw data does not tell the whole story, such as the quality of the job. Most frequently the young are entering dead end retail or hospitality positions rather than ones with training and the possibility for growth.

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