3M to settle discrimination lawsuit

3M is looking to settle for a suspected three million dollars to its nearly two hundred ninety former employees. The claims against the office supplies company are that it violated the EEOC and was age discriminatory. Ultimately employees claimed that in the three years since 2003, a disproportionate number of forty five and older employees were terminated without just cause.  The EEOC launched a full investigation and found there to be some evidence of discrimination. The settlement is a big win for employees, it puts necessary money in their pocket, and more importantly affects many of the policies that 3M has. One such policy is that all managers must take training on age discrimination when dealing with all future employment. I also requires them to restructure the hiring and firing process in future dealings. In the end the lawsuit was not about money, but about changing the way people do business especially as it pertains to dealing with mature worker.

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