Veteran’s Employment Program Expanded

Prudential Financial, Inc. has decided to expand its veteran employment and training program through Workforce Opportunity Services in response to the increase in veterans returning home from international conflicts. The program is dubbed “VETalent” and is available through partnerships with Penn State, University of North Florida, and Rutgers. The program was started in 2009 in order to train Iraq and Afghanistan was veterans for information technology employment opportunities. After completing the WOS’ academic component, sponsor companies hire the veterans as consultants, and later consider them for full-time employment. The vice president of Veterans Initiatives for the financial company says that their efforts are to combat the reality that veterans face higher unemployment rates than non-veterans and offer a unique skill set to the corporate workforce.  In addition to the training aspect of the program, the VETalent offers career guidance, which the WOS chairman says many other programs fail to do.

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