Obama talks employment bill

As president Obama heads in to reelection many are unsatisfied with his performance much of it centers on his job bill that has Congress divided. The bill is modest approach to combating unemployment in the U.S., attempting to reduce the unemployment rate by a single percentage over the next year. Republicans disagree fiercely on the merits of the employment bill, often bringing a colder approach which centers on easing taxes to business owners allowing them to potentially hire as they please.  Many hold the belief that it is not the government place to provide jobs, in an economy that is based on free uninterrupted commerce, the idea of government stepping in is practically unconstitutional. However, I present this question that if it not the responsibility of the government, then who’s it? Often times I have listened to republicans say that it is not their responsibility to provide jobs, yet never do they definitively say whose responsibility it is. Irony, it reminds me of grade school as the teacher as ‘who did it?’, to which a room full of shaking heads and pointing fingers ensue.

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