Project GREEN to stimulate employment

A $399,000 grant has been given to Marin Employment Connection to train and certify employees in the green economy. The program is designed to give 100 unemployed or underemployed workers with vocational training. Green Regional Education Employment Northbay, known as Project GREEN is based on the retraining program from 2009 started by the California Clean Energy Workforce. It continues to provide training in the green field to construction workers. Project GREEN will hopefully help employment in several sectors, including green construction, water and waste services, renewable energy, and green transportation.  The program will recruit and train individuals, and hopefully be able to provide them with employment opportunities, based on their interest and backgrounds. In addition to teaching the unemployed about green technologies, the program will review other job skills, such as basic math, how to search for and apply to jobs, and interview skills. The funding for the training program comes from the government, but is matched dollar for dollar with funding from green corporations.

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